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Three surprising signs your ex still loves you

“Does my ex still love me?” are you asking yourself this question? maybe your friends are giving you advises and tips, or as an instance your ex has texted or called over and over, or for instance you simply have an instinct telling you,your ex still has feelings for you!but all of us have feelings for our exes, right? The question is, are these feelings love? figuring out if your ex needs you back isn’t so conclusive, then again it’s not exactly rocket science either even without “I love you" and other hints, there must be signs, and hint of memorable tenderness that can also be obvious or normal.

1) making excuses to talk 

unless you and your ex share everyday jobs (work, children, assets), it’s presumed that you have no reason to talk to each other but even so, you still discover your ex trying to talk to you about anything, and quite regularly at that whether it’s asking because of stuff you’re quite certain you’ve given back to asking for an unplanned information which they can easily figure out themselves, one way to say if your ex is still into you is by understanding the intention behind the particular random conversations. If your ex is pestering you more than usual, step back and consider that they could be using this to attempt to reconnect with you.

2) prolonging conversations 

conversations come to a natural end. You’re both olds with tied up lives plus sometimes there’s nothing left to say following two or three responses. But if you find yourself carrying on with a conversation with your ex that should have ended, there’s a possibility they’re simply trying to talk to you for the sake of talking to you. the next time you’re talking to your ex, see if they try to make the conversation longer. whether it’s texting online or casually talking, it’s easy to see when somebody is trying to spend more time talking to you.

Test it out by giving short, curt answers. If they try to build more info out of you or change the subject to try to engage you, they’re attempting to prolong the conversation.

3) opening up to you

We open up to someone we’re in a relationship with, that is significantly true. But it’s uncommon to hear about exes having such a strong connection even after the relationship. telling you about their day is something, but being their go-to person for advice, jokes, and laughter is another. If they’re still revealing personal and intimate information or asking for your opinions and thoughts on things, it’s obvious your assessment still runs some kind of value in their head, which implies they still respect you and that you still have a spot in their heart.

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