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4 Signs That Shows A Woman Is In Love With You.

Most men don't notice when a lady is slowly falling for them, so I will be showing a few signs you will notice in a lady that will make you understand that she has started falling for you. 

1. She will spend time with you. 

No matter how busy she is, or how tight her work is if a lady truly loves you she will make out time to come and visit you and also spend quality time with you, once a lady loves you she will always make out time for you because you are so special to her, she will look for a means to fix you into her schedule, so once you notice that a lady who is always busy still make out time to come and visit you that shows that she's slowly falling for you.

2. When she talks to her friends and family about you. 

Once a lady takes you to her family and friends, and she ends up introducing them to know that's shows she has started having feelings for you because only a woman who loves you will be able to do such, and at that moment she will tell her family and friends that she's started falling for you. 

3. When she constantly inquires about your health. 

When a lady hasn't seen you for days and is making inquires about you from your friends, that shows that she loves and cares for you. Maybe she might be from your school, church or even working places. She loves you. That's why she's trying to know how you are doing. That shows that such a lady loves you. 

4. She will not be ashamed to hug you and sit next to you in public. 

Once she always sits next to you whenever you both go out or meet at the location, and she doesn't get ashamed of sitting close to you, or when she sees you coming she will run towards you and give you a hug such woman has already start having feelings for you, so once you notice any of this I just listen in a woman who you always find around yourself walk up to her and tell her how you feel about her, she will surely give you a yes has an answer. 

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