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Husband and wife relationship

I no longer love my wife: A marital exposition with lessons

"She didn't do anything and that what makes it even more difficult. You know when you wish there was a reason so you can just hold on to that but deep down you know even you cannot just explain it." he said.

Is there anyone in the picture? I asked, knowing what the answer was likely to be.

Of course there was someone in the picture, there always seems to be someone.

Now, hold on. That, right there, is how many see it when it comes to a man. Strange how a woman can understand that a certain sequence of events can lead to losing emotions for the husband yet, with a man, it is almost always reduced to it being about another woman.

It is not always about another woman. This happens to men too.

Yes, many of the reasons track back to the man not paying full attention to his own emotions for her at the beginning but it is not always so. A man can start out with full affections and wake up one day to find it all gone.

Unfortunately, the lady begins to try it all; sexual remedies, lingeries, new styles and new meal recipes but really, how does one find the solution to an issue whose trigger you don't understand?

This is where effective nuptial communication comes into play but then many have no idea what it is or how to put it into use.

You'd see her and feel nothing. Spark gone. The sex is affected too, she knows it is but you are too far gone to notice that turgidity is not even happening for you....then that leads to talks about the possibility of an erectile issue but deep down, when you refuse to take the pills, herbs and miss appointments, you know it's because the emotions are simply gone.

Sometimes you want to leave, but you know it would feel wicked yet, (you know it probably is) but within you, your heart is already elsewhere. A place where the smile costs nothing, the conversation is endless and the sync seems perfectly aligned. A place of little things and conflicts that end up in seemingly beautiful things and non conflict places.

For others, it is not as complicated because this began with the feeling that the home became a warfront, a place of intimidation and fear perpetrated by she who should be a significant other.....yet, if the desire is to truly create or recreate emotions lost from home, the solutions lie at home, and in you.

You want to go and try again, together, but how can you resolve an issue you dare not share?

Good friends would come in handy here but half of them are doing worse, and the other half would just crush and blame.

Again, if the desire is to truly create or recreate emotions lost from home, the solutions lie at home, and in you.

Speak with someone you can trust to stay neutral and help you back to where you need to be.

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