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TRUE STORY: I won't trust a woman again

Most times in a relationship, we think we've found the love of our life but are we really sure? I don't think one can say he/she has found a soulmate until you get married. Well, let me tell you a story of my betrayed love life.

This story is based on a true life story. My name is Philip, I was based in Lagos before I relocated to Benin in search of greener pastures and a better life; funny right? 

During my stay in Lagos, I was trading London used phones and one day, a female customer walked in and we started talking. We got along well and I found out she was my type,lol. Her name is Jane. Jane worked with a private firm and was well to do and I myself played my games very well and she fell in love with me. She was my everything; she went places and I was feeling ontop of the world. 

She was a really nice person that I only dreamt of living my whole life with her, she showed me love and gave my money, lol. So, on that Thursday, I proposed to her at a bar and surprisingly, she said YES. What else could have made a man happy than getting a yes from his lover. We started making plans to go and see her family but she always told me to wait. Well, who am I to say no? She was richer and all that.

Earlier before the proposal and marriage arrangements, I've already entrusted my shop and accounts to her. I never knew she was a scammer, a Yahoo girl, infact words can't describe her personality. But before I could find out, she has sold my phones and products and I was left with nothing. At first, she said she needed money urgently to clear her container(what a lie) but I had no choice than to believe. Things got serious when I found out that she wasn't living in Lagos anymore; I was broke and heart broken(double wahala). That was when I had to just move out of Lagos. From that day, I said to myself: Trust no woman.

My advice to everyone is this: Don't conclude you've seen your soul mate until you're married.

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