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10 Signs a Man Wants a Serious Relationship with a lady

We've all thought that – after all, no one wants to squander their time and end up heartbroken. There's nothing worse than being caught off guard, and it occurs much too frequently. You meet a person, allow yourself to be overcome by fluttery sensations, and ride a wave of high aspirations for the future, only to find out he doesn't feel the same way and isn't interested in being in a relationship with you. It's heartbreaking to find out that a guy you like doesn't like you back. Finding out that a guy you like actually likes you and wishes to be with you and have a serious relationship with you, on the other hand, is exhilarating and arguably one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

The 10 most obvious signs he is passionate about you are - 

1. He is Straightforward

You've never encountered a man who is so straightforward. He openly expresses himself, talks more about future, and tells you how important you are to him. If he refuses to speak frankly with you, it's a clue that he does not really feel the way you would like him to about being in a relationship with you. It's also likely that he's on high alert, so consider this in addition to everything else on this list. Continue on.

2. He delves into the subject.

The guy you like can talk to you for countless hours. He wants to understand everything there is to know about you. He has a lot of questions for you. More than that, he listens intently and meticulously remembers every detail. He's sincerely interested in learning everything there is to know about you.

3. He aspires to be a one-of-a-kind individual.

He is direct and to the point. He's made it clear that he and you want to be exclusive as a pair. With him, you know exactly where you stand. You wind up in a relationship no man's land when a man does not really make his intentions clear. You're not sure if you're exclusive, but you suspect you are. You aren't an official, but you're also not seeing anyone else. A man who wants to be in a relationship with you should make it plain that he wants you and you alone; he will not leave things up to imagination and risk losing you to another man.

4. He Follows Through on His Promises

He vowed to take you to a dinner after a long day at work on Friday night, and he didn't disappoint you. A man who truly wants to be in a relationship with you will follow through on his commitments. He won't promise things he can't keep. He doesn't want to let you down. You become increasingly essential to him as he becomes more committed. He'll do all in his ability to never let you down. And if he does fail you, he will be distraught and will do all in his power to make amends.

5. He demonstrates this to you by his actions.

Talking isn't always inexpensive. It's one thing to say you like someone; it's another to express it via deeds. The behaviors of a man will reveal his true feelings. It's written all over a man's face when he's sincere about you. It shows in the way he handles you and looks at you. It's also evident in his actions. When he wishes to be just for you, he'll opt out of dating services and apps. He'll stop communicating with ex-girlfriends, making booty calls, and "talking" to them. You take on the role of the major woman in his life. 

6. He listens to what you have to say.

When he is faced with an issue, he considers your input. He not only asks for your input, but he also pays attention to it. He is interested in your thoughts and feelings. He truly values what you have to say. Keep an eye on him when he evaluates your suggestions. Is he actually thinking about them, or is he just rolling his eyes and making you feel stupid?

7. You don't just know his family and friends; you've met them.

You've met his parents and other members of his family. You've met his associates. You spend much time with them on top of that. If you're close with a guy's inner circle, you can determine if he's serious about you. He will immerse you in his world and ensure that you meet everyone who matters to him. He wants you to really like them, and vice versa.

8. He is concerned about what others (especially your family) think of him.

A man will respect a woman's family if he wants to be with her. He'll want your relatives and friends to like him. He might be apprehensive about meeting them. He might follow up by asking if they liked him. He cares a lot about making a good first impression. If a guy isn't serious about you, he won't give a damn.

9. He Enjoys Spending Time With You

This is a strong indication that the guy you like is interested in spending time with you. How pleasant it feels to be with a woman is what dictates whether a man would commit to her. Guys go toward what makes them feel good. It shows that he is sincere about you when he can't have enough of you.

10. He Is Respectful of Your Personal Space

He hasn't moved as quickly as you would like. He holds you in high regard. He also admires the pace you've established for yourself. He is considerate of your requirements. He doesn't mind if you put off getting intimate for a while. He does not exert any sort of pressure or coercion on you.

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