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Ladies, 3 Types Of Guys That You Should Avoid Dating

Being in the perfect relationship could be a daunting task these days especially for the ladies, to get the perfect relationship below are 3 types of men that you should avoid dating as a lady:

1.) The violent type: From the very first day you could tell if you a guy is the physically violent type, from his tone and gentility you could deduce this single fact about a guy. Most times when you avoid dating guys like this you have just saved yourself a whole stress associated with domestic violence and assault.

2.) Drug users: As a lady once you notice any sign of heavy drug usage or abuse in a guy the next thing left for you to do is to bolt away especially if you can't do anything to help him, most times guys who are heavy drug users tend to get really physically violent with their women especially when they are intoxicated and heavily under the influence of drugs.

3.) The unambitious type: Many guys would legitimately just want to waste ladies time by constantly acting as if they are super busy and ambitious when in the real sense they ain't, deducing this factor here could be a very tasking one but you could know this by simply asking him about his businesses and future plans, avoiding an unambitious guy saves you the stress of constant financial burdens.

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