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See funny Photos and jokes about African parents that would make you laugh

If you are bored and want to have fun and laugh then you made the right choice clicking on this article, i Composed this article to share some of the native nigerian jokes about happenings in our local homes. I am sure you will enjoy it.


When you finish an exam and your friends are arguing if the answer was 75or 80 but your answer was -4Best Naija Memes - Funny -


when mom borrows money from you and its time to pay back and she starts explaining how she carried you for 9 mothsfunny nigerian memes - Google Search | <a class=African jokes, African ..."/>


when you spend your whole salary on her and she tells you shes married to jesus.

Nigeria Comics And Funny Images -Season 6 | Doy News


movie with your parents and they show a sex scene and your parents look at you,Top 10 Funny <a class=Nigerian Memes In 2018 -"/>


Nigerian parents when they ask you for change Words Nigerian Children Have Heard from Their Parents - Random ...


Africa parents be like, "we will never have to wash plates again.This is a Man's World | HOPEsaidit7.

when our parents have to yell because they are talkingto someone back home

Tell me u don't deal with this at home - African parents be like ...


Africa parents be like when i was your age we do not have facebook, we had face your books

African parents Memes


African parents would call you a disgrace at home and brag about you in publicAfrican parents be like | Parents be like, African memes, African ...


Call foreign horror movies 'satanic materialsbut watch the nastiest ritualistic african movies

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