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7 Tricks For A Man To Last Longer In Bed With His Wife

Learning about physical intimacy is a continual process. There are different types of foreplay and styles that you can explore.

When you become a professional in bed, it will be an advantage to you and your spouse.

Normally, you should last at least six minutes. However, if you feel that you usually come earlier than that, then you need to learn these tricks.

Firstly, let's look at the factors that can affect a man's performance in bed. When a man is physically or mentally stressed, it will affect him.

It affects the proper flow of blood in his body. Smoking can also affect him by interrupting the flow of blood to his male organ.

An excess of sugar in the body, which is known as diabetes, affects a man's performance as well.

Some drugs have a side effect that hurts the level of a man's testosterone. This can lead to poor performance in bed.

If you want to last longer in bed, don't rush into it.

When you notice that you are about to come earlier than expected, remove yourself from your partner and pause for a minute before you continue.

Instead of thrusting in and out, grip your partner tightly. This is a trick that works. You will be surprised.

Some positions allow a man to perform longer. Try to find the one that best suits you.

Quench your excitement by first engaging in foreplay. Feeling nervous will affect your performance, so don't get excited in anticipation of it.

Keep your mind on the pleasure that your partner is receiving rather than your own pleasure. Remember this anytime you're about to reach the climax.

Another technique that will help you is to pause as you are doing it with your partner and take a deep breath.

Try out some exercises. There's one particular exercise that is designed to improve your ability to hold urine. This exercise will help you. It's called the kegel exercise.

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