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Nigerian parents and the smart phone

Seeing us, their kids on our smart phone has a really funny effect on them

They give you that *eww*look

Some parents see it as a good opportunity to send you on errands so u can drop the phone

That instance when you were chilling in the palour with them and your phone beeped

You got a text , from a friend, after making sure there was no *eww* look anywhere , you answer your text and even giggle

Then GBAM!!!

They start giving you those lectures

“distraction ! Distraction!” That’s always the word

“that’s why I didn’t want to buy it for him/her” they will say

At that point you wanna puke, you were just replying a text o

Falling sick is another palaver

They believe we fall sick because we are always on our phones

Sometimes true I must say

But not always 😪


Probably because it wasn’t really there when they were our age,

A grown-up once told me that when he was in the university , the only thing they had was a TV set in the common room which they rarely touched.

Not these days that we teenagers are so much obsessed with social media

Instead of news apps on their phones, they go for news papers 😝

Instead of getting their songs on audiomack , they get cassette stereos

This were the things in Vogue when they were our age and it’s obviously not gonna be easy to change their mind

But then, the times we are in

Dear parents ( if you see this)

Our friends are online ,so we go online too to communicate with them

Not like we intentionally want to annoy you by always being on our phones

We do a lot of beneficial stuffs like


Attend online classes

Some of us write blogs

Communicate with our friends

Nb: parents should join us too and become vast in using their smart phone like us.

I think that will stop the clash

The only time they are nice and don’t give us that “eww” look is when they want you to help them with something on their smartphone, then they give you the angelic look *lol*

Shout-out to parents that understand and can use their smartphone with ease , ko easy😌

And to us kids

Let’s try to be productive with our phones, let’s do things they will proud to see us do ………

Let’s not be internet spectating ions whose oxidation state do not change

Let’s be the player, doing something beautiful in our own little space

I hope I have said well🤔

A/N: hi friend, let me know what you think

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