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Pregnancy period

Is there any best time to have sex if you want to get pregnant?

Love making activity does not necessarily result in pregnancy. Your ability to become pregnant, for instance, depends on the time of your intimate activity.

According to the WebMD, it's important to time intimate activity as close to ovulation as you can. Regular intercouse is the best course of action. Try doing it every day starting five days prior to your menstruation. Continue one-day following ovulation.

Knowing when you are ovulating will help you get the most out of every intimate encounter. There are various ways to identify the beginning of ovulation. Some are natural, whereas others might involve using home kits.

Cervical mucous might be a crucial sign of ovulation. Cervical mucus is sticky and dry before ovulation. It may become creamier in consistency as ovulation approaches. Cervical mucus might become more slippery and take on the consistency of raw egg white just before ovulation. Because it enables you to identify patterns from one menstrual cycle to the next, charting your cervical mucus might be useful.

The male gamete meets egg approach is another option. Start having intercouse every other day on the ninth day of your period. You should begin using an ovulation prediction kit on day 10 to ascertain when you will ovulate. Once your ovulation prediction kit has produced a positive result, have intercouse every day for three days.

If you don't become pregnant after six months, try to see a doctor. When you speak with a reproductive health expert, you can undergo a fertility check-up.

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