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Husband and wife relationship

3 Ways To Keep Your Man From Other Women

Most of the divorce nowadays is simply because the couples got tired of each other. And one thing that can make a man get tired of his wife is when he's no longer enjoying or seeing what he used to at the beginning. And one truth is that most women also neglect some essential things once they get married.

I know women have a lot to do in the home, like taking care of the kids, cleaning and all, and also taking care of themselves. But as a woman, you must know how to manage yourself and attend to every necessary thing. From your husband to the kids and the house chores, everything is essential. You shouldn't leave anyone attended to. Here are three ways to seduce your husband, keep him to yourself and also keep him from other women.

1. Good Food

One of the ways you can seduce your husband and keep him to yourself is by cooking good delicacies. Don't restrict his meals to regular and daily food timetables. Make out time to prepare good food for your man. It does not have to be every day, but be sure you're a good cook. Men love good food, and you have to convince them that they can't get what you're feeding them with anywhere else.

2. Dress Nicely In The House

Most women are fond of dressing shabbily inside the house. They can only dress gorgeously outside. This only means that you care about what outsiders will say about you, but you don't care about what your husband says. Dress for your man in your house. There are clothes you can wear around the house, that will make you appealing to your man.

3. Initiate Intimacy

Don't always leave your husband to initiate intimacy in the house. Men get tired when they are always the only ones initiating intimacy all of the time. Even if you can't express yourself with words, there are ways you can express yourself to your husband.

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Good Food


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