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What Is Love? It Is Not Just An Emotion

Many people have believed that for you to love somebody, you must feel it. They understand love to be an emotional thing.

Just like we feel thirsty and love cold water, or we feel hungry and love rice and chicken.

However, love goes beyond the way we feel or the things we need. Our thoughts may change, emotions can alter, and human needs are unlimited.

This is why true love is not based on emotion. Our emotions are only there to make us aware of what's happening to us when we are in love.

Although our emotions are good. They help us with the ability to comprehend what happens in a relationship and communicate with our partners.

Your emotions only grow when you need them, and they change based on your environment and the way your partner treats you.

Love, on the other hand, does not change, especially genuine love. It does not grow or die. It's an entity on its own.

However, emotions can be categorized in two ways. Positive emotions and negative emotions. Positive emotions allow love to demonstrate itself to the person you love.

Negative emotions, when they're repeated, do not permit love to be demonstrated toward your partner.

Negative emotions are anger, bitterness, vengeance, hatred, fear, pride, selfishness. All these make a relationship toxic.

Positive emotions are joy, patience, humility, gentleness, kindness, trust, and self-control. All these allow love to express itself to make a relationship healthy.

Love is marked by a strong determination to keep its promises every single day.

Love doesn't grow or reduce based on the way it's being treated because it only synchronizes and agrees with positive emotions.

Love doesn't change because of one condition or the other. The passion, attraction, and feelings we have for someone only exist in our emotions.

The thoughts you have for your partner will fluctuate. Your emotions can make you change your mind, but love is constant. It only expresses itself when you allow it.

Your emotions make you fearful, doubtful, and suspicious as you are trying to love your partner. However, perfect love casts out all negative emotions.

Love does not toil or play games with people's emotions. It is always willing to make us express our positive emotions to the person we claim to love.

Love won't make you focus on what you can get from a relationship, but it will make you concentrate on what you can give.

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