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Colors That Women Finds Attractive On Men

With regards to figuring out which colors women like to see on men, there are a couple of colors that do the magic for men that look attractive to women.

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Colors that address insight, power, social status, and certainty are generally the winners, and women think that they are the most appealing. Listed below are colors that most women find attractive in men. 


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Red is a striking tone that requests to women. It indicates influence, great wellbeing, abundance, social position, and enthusiasm. From a to some degree alternate point of view, red can work on an individual's certainty, making him more appealing to women. Women were more physically drawn to men sporting red than blue or green in a recent report on shading brain science. 


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As per Medical Daily, when a man inquires as to whether he's sporting purple, he's bound to get a "yes." Three-fourth of women expressed they would acknowledge a date demand from a man wearing purple. 


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As per a similar Medical Daily survey, dark was the second most well known tint. As indicated by a study of 1000 individuals directed by, dark is the best tone for a first date. Dark is associated with knowledge and arousing quality, and it rouses certainty, which prompts others considering you as more reliable and fit. In this overview, 66% of women said they favored dark to different shadings (blue was in runner up).

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