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How You Can Prove To Your Ex That You Have Moved On After Breaking Up With You

One of the most painful experiences anyone can ever experience in a relationship is to meet someone, give the person all your commitment, love, attention, care and everything humanly possible to make the fellow happy, only to be heartbroken and jilted by same person when one least expected. The experience is different for different people. It can render some persons emotionally crippled for a very long period of time. To some who cannot handle it, suicide is mostly the endpoint.

It is not surprising to see people who have a strong feeling of aversion for their ex because of the bitter experience they had from them. However, no matter how people choose to react to heartbreaks, there are better ways of making your ex to regret ever breaking your heart and dumping you for another person.

The following amongst others are ways you can make your ex rue why he/she broke your heart after all you did for him/her:

1. Date someone who is in all ramifications better than him/her. This is one of the best forms of revenge you can give to your ex. Dating someone who is better than them would make them realize that it was their loss for breaking your heart and jilting you. Don't ever make the mistake of dating someone who you ex is better than because it will result to mockery of some sort from him/her.

2. Be happy.

After breakup, one of the things that can make your ex happy is when he/she see you all sad. To start with, if he/she cared about your happiness, breaking your heart would be the last thing he/she will do. On the other hand, if you are happy, your ex will realize that your happiness is not tied to his/hers. Don't allow the end of your relationship to weigh you down emotionally (not for long).

3. Be better than the way he/she left you. After breakup, you need to be better than the way he/she left you, so that he/she will feel the pain of losing a treasure like you. To this point, you should do all you can to make sure that your life is better off without him/her.

4. Resist the urge of reaching out to him/her for any form of assistance. After breakup, some people make the mistake of reaching out to same ex who broke their hearts for assistance. That is a mistake you should not make, because by so doing, you will be presenting yourself less valuable before them, which will make them to start seeing you as a loser and be thankful for making the decision of kicking you out of their lives.

If you can do the aforementioned things, your ex will wish they never made the mistake of breaking your heart and causing you pains

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