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Don't be quick to beat ur chest and say you'll never fall in love, Just wait till you've met Miranda

Who is Miranda? Where did she come from? Was she sent to destroy me? Is she my Delilah? My Eve? My Lois Lane? Oh someone should have kept me from meeting Miranda.

You come here flaunting the twinkle in your bright blue eyes like they'd still be beautiful when you're asleep or the sparks in them could help you see the future or pass you as an angel with missing wings. 

Shaped like JLo, sexy like Eva Longoria yen yen yen. We know it's thanks to wasted man hours in the gym and some expensive plastic surgery routines.

Can your skin still look like it's got a copyright © even when it's on first name basis with the Abuja sun?

How many other people write like they sat in the front row when God was gifting super powers? I dare you to name one. 

So what if your hair never has a strand out of place, you probably sleep with a hair brush in your pocket.

Do you have the sort of hair that even a blind man would never forget? 

I heard a guy saying Queen Calypso was the most beautiful woman who ever lived, no one can compare to her. 

Not so fast Sire, 

Wait, till you've met Miranda!"

Can you pull off beautiful at the end of a 5 hour road trip to some village in Sokoto with not more than a bottle of water and a 5 minutes nap?

Can you have the sweetest voice and laugh ever, even after you have just survived a potential kidnap?

My friends think I have no emotions. They think I have no heart. How can anyone leave the way I do and not fall in love? Not even once. Not even with that girl from Round the way that every man would give an arm to be with but she chose you instead. She chose you, the single man with no emotions. Leave this man alone, he's no good.

Well, thank God they're no longer my friends. What would they think of me when they meet Miranda?

You're just a bully that has all the passwords to my insides, tops, bottoms. You just keep taking advantage of every part of me. For once, pick on someone your own size.

Can you look like you just stepped out of the front page of Vogue magazine even when you're in the middle of moving houses and whisking your kids away from some friends who look lame?

Can you be the hottest mom ever or have the word MILF coined out of the first two letters of your name?

Many times I've beaten my chest and said no one could make me fall in love. Not even if they had the stars in their eyes or the sun in their smile of the birds singing out their vocals..... no one! But I guess I should have just waited till I met Miranda.

I'm not saying that girl from India who won "the Most beautiful girl in the World" didn't deserve the title, all I ask is wait, oh you just wait, till you've met Miranda.

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