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Staring a relationship is easy, but the part where everyone stumble is sustaining it.

A relationship is like electric current wrong connection will shock through out your life,

But right one will light up your life.

How can we make a good relationship in our society.

Their are 7 ways to make a good relationship accordingly .

1.make peace with your past

So it won't disturbs your present.

2.what other people think about you

Is not your business.

3.time heals almost every thing

Give it time. one is in charge

Of your happiness except you.

5.don't compare you life to other

And don't judge them,you have no idea what their journey is all about.

6.stop thinking too much

Its alright not to know the answer.

You don't own all the problem in the world.

And try to be kind to unkind ones,help the poor,be honest,be helpful,stay humble and forgive your enemies,but not their names.

I wish Allah (SWA) continue guide us help us and protect us through out our lives.

Content created and supplied by: Bambar (via Opera News )

Allah SWA


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