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Why A Man Will Never Value You, No Matter What You Do

Many women lament about failed relationships and marriages. They even blame themselves and think the problem is from them. Sometimes, they do everything for the men they love and get depressed when the feeling is not reciprocated. Here are reasons why a man will never value you no matter what you do.

1. Insecurity

If you happen to cross-part with an insecure man there is absolutely nothing you can do to make him see your worth and value you. He is emotionally immature and unable to see how good you are to him.

2. Fear

Some men are scared of being vulnerable to anyone and this has affected their emotional stability. A scared man will be blinded to the love you give in abundance and will always choose solitude over companionship.

3. Family background

Any man who is from a dysfunctional home normally has commitment issues especially those who their mother left behind. They rarely value a woman no matter what she does.

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