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How To Know A Real Nigerian Mum - If You Don't Laugh At This You Are Strong (Jokes)

Nigerian mothers can annoying sometimes,but the thing is there are still the very best. In this article I will be listing ten things that charaterize a Nigerian mum.

Below are ten things to know a real Nigerian Mother.

10. When she use her bare hands to remove a very hot pot stew from stove without using cloth or paper.

9. When you ask her for the money she borrowed from you but she reply you,"All the food you have been eating in this house, which money do you think have been using to buy the food, will you keep quiet."

8.When she calls you from upstairs,you rush downstairs but she send you upstairs again to bring her purse.

7. She flogs and still tell you "If I hear peem you will hear ween."

6. When you provoke her and laugh at her,then she says, "Na your father family you de use laugh so."

5. After coming back from school to enjoy the holidays and you tell your mother that you came second in class but she replied you with this; Do the person that carry first have two head abi?

4. When you say mummy I have fever but she said; Why won't you have fever when you press your phone all night.

3. When you ask her,"Mom where should I put the cup but she replied you,"Just drop it on my head."

2. When you tell her mommy am sorry but she reply you "Sorry for yourself."

1. When she quarrel with your father but always want you to support her.

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I hope you find this Jokes Interesting?

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