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A hustling man needs a hustling girlfriend not the "I need 20k urgently" type of girl - Lady

The issue of girls extorting boyfriends just for selfish reasons has gotten out of hand, and it's now like a normal thing for a girl to demand money from a guy and expect something.

This has led to the molestation of many women. Not all men are stupid, some are really good in spotting out girls who just love them for their money, and when that happens, a lot could go wrong. A man may decide to end the relationship when he realises that the girl is a gold digger, while another man many make life miserable for her.

Misplaced Feminism

The issue of feminism has really destroyed things. Although the concept of feminism is good and exceptable, but a lot of women have no idea of it's concept and therefore they mistake it for stubbornness and rebellion.

A healthy and able woman should learn how to fend for her self and stop looking for a man who she can brainwash and turn to a money bag.

Just recently, a lady on twitter made her thoughts known about the needs of a man, as she tweeted;

"A hustling man needs a hustling girlfriend not the "I need 20k urgently" type of girl".

The above tweet really moved me and I saw it as a tweet worth sharing.

The fact is that we all have a problem or the other and no one is looking for an extra burden, I mean that what Jesus died for "to take our sins and burden away".

A man needs a hustling girlfriend and not someone to waste his hard earn money or take advantage of his feelings for her. If you are not ready to fend for yourself, then you should stay alone and rethink your life.

The issue of "I need money urgently" has really caused a lot of trouble, some guys are not that gullible and would definitely want something in return.

While some may want your undying loyalty and love, which most girl can't give because a girl who demands money occasionally usually have guys in plural, other guys may turn you to a punching bag and sexually harass you after spending lots of money on you.

Let's all be guided. If you are not ready for the kind of commitment that a guy may demand for a relationship where you are the spender, then you better stay alone and work on your finance.

What are your thoughts and opinions concerning this on going topic? Ensure that you make your opinion known, let's work out this problem once and for all. What do you think of when you hear a woman say she is a feminist?

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