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Should A Man Be Force To Marry A Woman He Mistakenly Impregnated? Here Is Why It Not A Must

The question above was raised by a Facebook user Sikido Soundboi. Can it be considered proper to force a man into marrying a woman, even without any feelings or love attached. On many occasions situations get out of hand after some weeks of a one night stand resulting to pregnancy on the woman part.

There are situations whereby sometimes a man can meet a woman and have a joyful moment with couples of drinks. The initial intentions may not be to sleep or have anything together but due to the amount of drinks situation can get out of hand. This can lead to pregnancy in some cases, so the question is will it be proper to force a marriage in this situation.

A certain user left an interesting comment as she postulated that no pregnancy is a mistake no child is a mistake. That when a man knows he has no intention of marrying a woman there no need having anything together.

Here are some comments below.

A lot of comments with different views from people as a user by the name Ada Vivian also left a comment that he should also marry her mistakenly.

She of the opinion that no sex happens by mistake but a deliberate act.

What do you think about this, leave your comments.

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