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Guys, Your Woman Will Keep Taking You For Granted If You Keep Doing These Three (3) Things

Most men have complained of how their women have disrespected them in one way or the other. Some ladies insult their husbands in public places, some have turned their husband into a domestic worker, some even overtake their husbands as to the head of the family. Women are to be under their husbands not the other way round. I will blame guys for this, yes! Most men are the cause of their problems, some guys don't have the courage and zeal to manage their wives, some are even afraid of their women while some have abandoned the role of a husband in a family handing over to their wives. Men who are less concerned about the affairs of their family are mostly taken for granted by their wives because they have failed in being a man who cares and provides for his family.

Most women, don't like men who are lazy and when such a woman marries a lazy man she ignores the man and works hard to provide for her family. This makes her assume the position of the head of the family, being the breadwinner and the head of affairs in her home.

If you are a guy reading this article, you should be careful of what you do and how you relate to your wife and children. Some children don't care anymore about their father because of the negative lifestyle their father is living. You should learn to work hard and provide for your family, don't go around drinking and smoking, chasing women all around the streets. Being a responsible man will make your woman respect you and your children will love and cherish you as their father.

There are things men usually do that makes their woman take them for granted. In this article, I will be highlighting three of them and you will be educated on how to change your lifestyle to prevent your woman from taking you for granted.

Here are three things men keep doing that make their women take them for granted:

#1. Being Lazy all the time

Some guys don't care about their family, or want to know if the children have eaten or not, they don't provide money for their fees or provide their women with the love and care they need. They end up in different bars and restaurants, eating and drinking with friends not minding if their family members are dying of hunger and starvation. Being such a man makes it easy for your wife to insult you both in public places and at home. If you want to avoid being taken for granted you should be a responsible man who works hard to make sure his family doesn't lack anything. Women are not always happy when they end up with an irresponsible man, they get jealous when they go out seeing other women's husbands who are responsible men, working and making sure their children and wives are cared for. Don't be a lazy man who doesn't work hard to meet up with his family's needs, going around drinking and chasing women. This lifestyle brings so much hatred and disrespect to you, your children and wife will hate you for being such a man.

#2. Fight and quarreling with your wife all the time

Every man needs to be respected, but respect can be bought by money or material things. Your wife will only respect you when you prove to her that you are a real man. Some men use their wives as a punching bag, beating and quarreling with their woman all the time, such family hardly experience peace and love. In a home where there is no peace, love, and understanding, partners tend to take each other for granted. Your woman will always disrespect you, she will irresponsibly talk to you. You should find a better way of settling issues with your woman, talk to her about her action and how she is stressing the relationship or marriage. If she keeps doing what she usually does, talk to her friends, family or relatives, so to help you confront her. These are better ways of settling with your woman rather than beating her up. And if you try all these and she still behaves in a manner that you don't like or appreciate, you should end the relationship if you are not married to her but if you are married to her, you should leave her for a while, find a place to travel to and if she doesn't see you for some days she may change her ways and become a better wife or girlfriend.

#3. Giving in too much

Some guys love their wives very much that, they do crazy things just to make them happy. If you love your woman, there are things you should do to a certain limit. Overdoing these things will make her take you for granted. Some women can act upon that so to get you in doing things they want. Don't allow your woman to know you can't do with her, don't beg her to stay all the time, leave her to herself if she wants to leave let her go and when she realized her mistakes she will come back to you. Being too nice to women can make them regard you as nothing, don't go about doing things to please them all the time. A woman who truly loves you, stay with you no matter what, even when you are sick and have no money, she will remain with you. Don't go round the world buying stuff for her just to make her stay with you. Be warned!


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