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Dear Ladies, Here Are 5 Types of Men You Shouldn't Marry

I believe it is our wish to get married and most especially, be happy after marriage. Many people are married but unhappy, what then is the essence of getting married? Ladies should be very careful in choosing a spouse. This is because if you marry the wrong person, marriage will take away your joy. The only comfort most women find in marriage is their children. They didn't enjoy the marriage,, but they can't leave because of their children. Today I will share with us five types of men you shouldn't marry, kindly take note of these points.

1. If your man is the type that gets angry easily and during that moment of anger, he can do anything, please do not marry him unless he finds a way to control his anger. I could remember this short video where a lady pranked her boyfriend that she is pregnant. Before she could explain to herself that it was a prank, the guy already threw his shoes at her face. Imagine getting married to such guy, one would regret coming to this world.

2. If your man is the type that is very lazy and envies others who are successful, please do not marry such man. We have lazy men out there; men who while away time and envy those making it. Such men will tell you that there's nothing like hard work, everything is based on luck. If you marry a lazy man, there's a probability that both you and your children will suffer, except if you are ready to feed the whole house. Even with that, you will still get tired.

3. I know a lot of people don't believe this,, but it is advisable you marry someone who has a faith. I know there are exceptions though, however, try and think about men who are irresponsible at home, they don't have a church or mosque they attend. Your faith goes a very long way in your relationship and marriage. Please marry a man who knows God. Many people want relationships like that of Banky W and Adesua. However, can your man pray to God like he did? What's the relationship between your man and his creator?

4. Never marry a man who sees nothing wrong in beating one's wife. Men like that still exist. They Will tell you that during the days of our fathers, our mothers loved our fathers despite the way they beat them. Please run away from such guy. I also learnt that some boyfriends beat their girlfriends, and I find this amusing. Yet most of these ladies will stay, probably because the guy has money. If you get married to such man, you spend the rest of your years in regrets.

5. Dear Ladies, never marry a man you are not connected with. What's the essence of being in a relationship where both of you talk the way a boss talks to his employees. Date someone you can play and catch cruise with. It is always advised you date someone who is your friend because friendship is needed in marriage. Marry someone you can gist and make jest of. Don't marry someone who has no sense of humour, men like these take little insults as something serious. 

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