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5 Things Every Man want From thier Woman but might not ask

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Today let's talk about few things men want in women but won't ask for it

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1. Respect

Respect is reciprocal and everyone deserves resoect. This is one of the most important things a guy needs from a girl and believes every girl should know the importance and role of respect in building a healthy relationship with a guy. Every man wants Respect from Thier woman but won't ask for it.

2. Seek His Opinion

Yea we know you're matured enough to handle your business but still you still have to seek your man's opinions on some of your life decisions or business decisions. Seeking opinions from your man is also a way to help him know you better. Men always want you to seek there opinions but won't ask you for it.

3. Appreciation

Every man appreciate Appreciations because not makes them feel good and want to do more or what you praises them for. So sometimes remember to appreciate what your man is doing in your life and in the relationship. Appreciation builds a stronger relationship. Every man wants appreciation but won't ask for it

4. Trust

What every man wants in a relationship or any woman they are Dating is Trust, this should be number one criteria for a lasting relationship. If you don't trust your man and he knows you don't trust him. It makes him feel weakness and think bad of him self. Try to trust your man so he can trust you also. He needs you to trust him but won't ask for it.

5. Support

When I say support it comes in different ways, it could be financially, mentally, day to day activities. Man really appreciate woman that show them support in whatever they do , women that don't leave them to handle everything because they're the man. They want your support in whatever they're doing but won't ask for it because they expect you to show them support.

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