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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Women, Try To Avoid These 8 Costly Mistakes In Marriage

For every girl, getting married, entering a new family and starting a new phase of her life is pretty much the most special, yet scary phase of her life. Scary, because it is a new chapter, one that she has no idea about how it will shape up.

Today’s married women face challenges that are either self-imposed or circumstantially imposed. Self-imposed when you are the cause and circumstantially when circumstances beyond your capability or comprehension forces these challenges on you.

Getting married is easy. Being married can be trickier. Here is some advice to avoid or correct some mistakes that can cost a marriage, or at the least, weaken its foundations.

1. Comparing your relationship to others’—in the media or the real world.

Every relationship also has its good and not-so-good parts to it. Basing what you have on what someone else has got is not only unfair but a surefire way to do your own relationship more harm than good.

2. Not wanting their husband physically. Physical intimacy is important to a man. Your husband wants to be wanted. To know that he is desired by his wife makes him feel like he is important.

3. Some wives are too willing to give up on what they want. They tend to be "all about him" rather than all about themselves.

Usually, they're afraid it could make a fight or some unpleasantness, or they just think somehow, on a subconscious level, in order to preserve the relationship, they have to diminish what they themselves want.

4. Being totally dependent on their husband for everything. Get independent, and work your way around to get things done by yourself.

5. After marriage you stop looking good for your husband. It is unbelievable the things some women do after marriage, they only dress well when they are going for meeting or to see family members. but in the house they look pathetic and expect their husbands not to look outside, you forget that even after marriage you still need to keep the fire burning.

6. Focusing on the children or job at the expense of your husband and family.

7. Telling tales about your husband to your family, friends and colleagues will ultimately affect you too.

8. Neglecting their friends after marriage. Starting a new life doesn't means you should end your previous one. Real friends are your true pillars of strength and support. 

If you too feel you are doing some or all of the above mentioned things, it is time for you to make a lifestyle change.

Drop your thoughts and share with friends and family.

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