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When Your Girlfriend Visits You And She Doesn't Take A Selfie And Other Memes

The car for the stingy men association is finally out.

Celebrities are not intellectuals, they are just people like you that got popular.

When a kidnapper kidnaps the wife of a stingy men association member.

This year is really fast.

Everything is easy when you are busy but nothing is easy when you are lazy.

This is how Odin used to prepare his children's breakfast.

How people used to tell the future vs how people tell the future now.

The way girls stick their tongues out when doing videos nowadays.

My friends will not be allowed to make speeches at my wedding. They would say something that would terminate my wedding.

Fire boy and Lyta reaction when Omah Lay promised to be a lighter.

If your girlfriend visits you and doesn't take a selfie, you need to decorate your room.

You should try to enjoy being single, someone is currently apologizing for sleeping early.

If your man doesn't play pool table, you are very lucky because that game teaches men how to focus on many holes using one stick.

My Ex sent me a picture of her kissing her bee boyfriend to make me feel jealous only for me to forward it to her father.

What happened to me when I first nod this ball.

If you're crushing on me, just open up because I'm very cheap.

African mothers when a girl with a mini skirt greets them.

When I'm asked to come and dance in a party.

Me showing up at work today since last year December.

What would happen if girls started doing rituals.

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