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10 Excuses Women Use To End A Relationship

Here we present you 10 common excuses women use to ending a relationship.

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1. I'm confused.

No one is confused about love. Everyone knows whether or not they want their partner.

2. I need time.

Never a woman after "asking for a time", returned by her own and told her ex-boyfriend: "The time I needed has passed, let's get back together."

3. It's not you, it's Me.

That excuse is incomplete. It should be: "It's not you, it's me and the other".

4. I need to miss you.

Missing someone is not a pleasant feeling. Nobody needs an unpleasant feeling. It would be like saying, "I need to mess around."

5. I do not feel butterflies in my stomach.

Yes ... yes ... many have said that. You should have her swallow some larvae to see if she feels them again. Inconceivable.

6. I have to devote time to my study.

If this were true no woman who studies would have a partner. Total stupidity.

7. I have to dedicate more time to my professional development.

It is a case similar to the previous one. Professionals also have a partner. Usually, they say it when the guy is not up to their professional development.

8. I need to spend more time with my friends.

Another incomplete sentence. It should be: "I need to spend more time with my friends to party and meet other guys."

9. I need my space.

Do you sit with her in the same chair? Do you share the toilet? ... Surely not, maybe what you should do to give her "her space" is to put her into orbit.

10. I need to find myself.

A good answer would be: "Look ... I know you well and I assure you that if you do not find yourself, you will not lose anything".

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