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4 Common Bad Habits That Can Hinder Your Greatness

One of the greatest paradoxes of life is one's desire for greatness but not being able to meet up with the prerequisites for greatness. 

Every day I hear many young people sharing big dreams of how they will achieve this, achieve that, and eventually become great people in life. 

But with every passing minute, I see these same people failing, over and over again without achieving a single dot of all their dreams. 

In summary, many people desire to be great but most of them end up not being great. The question is, why is it so? 

I don't want to sound like a good but permit me to speak like a teacher. Many young people are failing today because of certain bad habits they have ignorantly embraced as a way of life. 

In this article, I will be sharing with you five of such bad habits. 

1. Friendship

Keeping friends is good just that many people don't seem to understand the actual concept of friendship, so they abuse it to their own hurt. Let me explain what I mean. 

When I was still on campus, I knew some of my colleagues who were friendship maniacs. They were friends to almost everybody on campus.

Every single hour of the day they were either with this guy or the other guy, listing and gossiping over trivial things. 

You will never see them studying or thinking about their future. They are always hooked up with friends. 

Now, do you think anyone with such a habit will ever go far in life? 

2. Procrastination

"I will do it later, there will always be time." That statement has reduced many great men to become mere beggars today. 

Many people believe time is limitless so they keep pushing things forward. You need to understand that any time you procrastinate over a given task there is a great possibility that you will never be able to do it again. 

Remember that you are not the chief controller of the universe. The fear of the unknown is the wisdom of the wise. 

3. Entertainment 

There is nothing wrong with being entertained, but there is something wrong when you become addicted to entertainment.

There are people that spend hours playing video games every day. Some are so addicted to watching movies that the only thing that can separate them from the movie screen is a power outage. 

Anybody with this kind of habit will find it difficult to achieve greatness. 

4. Indiscipline 

Discipline is the central theme around which greatness is built. It simply means being able to follow the rules no matter the cost.

Some people are failing not because they don't know what to do but because they fail to do what they know. They are simply not disciplined. 

This write-up might not be as satisfactory as you desired but as unprofessional as it is, do you know if I had been with a friend, procrastinated, decided to play a video game or have refused to discipline myself, I wouldn't have been able to write it at all? 

In a nutshell, be disciplined, moderate your friendship, entertainment, and stop procrastinating. If you stick to these four principles, you will surely go far in life. 

Thanks for reading, I will be glad to see your feedback. Please leave a comment below, like and also share this post with others.

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