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Divorce Affair

If you are marrying a man who already has a child with another woman, you must learn to do this.

Marriage is very sacramental and whatever would make one uncomfortable in marriage should be discussed prior to the marriage. In most urban setting, divorce which was once a dreaded act have become so normalized especially in modern world that people no longer try to work on their relationships or marriages. When one gets tired of the person one is currently married to, they just divorce and move on to the next person.

This indeed brews a large population of single men and women who have kids. When kids enters a picture, everything becomes a bit more complicated. You are now not just looking out for yourself and your happiness but for that if your children to. This is considered when you decide to pick a partner.

A lady has come out to give advice to men and women who may one day end up with a partner who already has a kid. She said, "My boyfriend got his daughter today and this is her first time being around me. I spoke with her mother on the phone and asked what she likes to eat and if she's allergic to anything. I also let her know that I have kids and that her daughter was safe. I ended the conversation by making sure she had my number and let her know she can call me if she can't get through to him. When dating someone with kids the mother has every right to ask questions and the right to know who their child is around. I respect his kids mothers and will be very respectful and open to them and their questions. This is what being an adult Woman is all about."

In summary, she made it clear that you can't just throw away the mother or father of your partner's kids. As long as their kids are in the picture, you have to involve them in whatever you do. What do you think?

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