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For Guys: 4 Things A Lady Will Do When She Has Feelings For You

When a woman is head over heels in love with a man, there are some things she can accomplish, as well as other things she wants to do. It is natural to express your feelings for someone. Today, however, girls do not believe it is appropriate to tell a guy how they feel about him. They love it, though, when the guy initiates such moves first. Before they can tell him how she feels about him, they must first tell him how they feel about him. So, when a female develops feelings for you, she will do the following things.

1. She won't ask you for money.

When a lady cares about you, she will not ask you for money. A woman who cares about you will never ask for money. This is due to the fact that a lady who is truly in love with you is not interested in your money. Her affection for you, rather. Instead, a lady who genuinely cares about you will ask for your affection and attention. This is because she loves you for who you are, not for what you can give her. You should not play or break the heart of such a lady as a guy since they are rare.

2. She can't go a day without speaking with you.

When a lady develops feelings for you, she will want to communicate with you at all times. This is due to her genuine concern for you. A woman who cares about you will not wait for you to call her before calling you. She will be concerned if you don't answer your phone since she actually cares about you. Before going to bed, a woman who cares about you will always want to hear your voice.

3. She will not be afraid to spend the night at your apartment.

A lady who has no affection for you or dislikes you will not want to spend the night at your place. She will always decline your invitation to stay the night in your apartment. This is because she is afraid of being alone with you.

4. She buys you gifts.

When a girl falls in love with you. She'll want to treat you like royalty. Also, by purchasing gifts for you, she will show you how special you are to her. A girl that cares about you will want to do something special for you.

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