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Three Major Things To Consider When Quitting A Relationship

Quitting a relationship is as easy starting it. A relationship that is not working deserve to be ended. You can't be in bondage in the name of love or relationship. But before you quit any relationship, there are some things you need to consider.

If your current relationship is not working and you feel like quitting, I would not tell you not to quit. Please quit if you can/want. But before you do, put the following into consideration.

How it all started

Before you quit that relationship, please look back to when it all started. Think about how you both met. The kind of fun you have had so far. What you have done for yourselves. Time you both have wasted and shared together. What you both have invested in each other. How you both spent your lives together until now

What is the actual problem

Sometimes, you may be fighting with someone without even having an idea of what the cause of the fight is. Yes, it is very possible. It happens. You need to know what the problem is before calling it a day. At least when you go out there, you should be able to give reasonable answer to why you ended the relationship.

When thinking about what the problem is, do not be judgemental. Be unbiased. Go straight to knowing what caused the problem. Was it a minor something that can be ignored? Or, was it a serious issue that need a counselor to handle? You can answer this question if you think very well.

Do you really need to quit the relationship?

If you consider the first and second points, you should be able to answer this question. Relationship is meant to stay, not to be broken. But when a partner is not cooperating, you need to quit. I believe you can answer the above question. Kindly take time and think before you use the door out if your relationship.

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