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Check Out Why Some Men Marry Slim Ladies.

Talking about the kind of specs Men want or preferred to be married to, So many men can admire busty or fat lady from a far, some don't mind using them as girlfriend.

Men prefer to get married to slim lady, knowing fully well that after she put to bed, the fat comes and this time, it would be moderate not oversized .

Below are some reasons why Men prefer Slim lady to Fat lady.

1. Slim ladies are very sweet and easy to care for most especially when they go shopping, their size of clothes are easy to get unlike the fat ones, it's so difficult for a fat lady to get the size of cloth of her choice.

2. Slim ladies know how to care for their body and maintain their stature,they select food they eat most especially fruits.

3. Most Slim ladies know the kind of food they eat,they mostly take vegetables and food with little fat.

Unlike the fat ones,even though they know they are fat ,they still crave for high contained calories food.

4. Slim ladies takecare of their husband best, When it comes to being intimate with their husband slim ladies are the best. Unlike the Fat ones.

5. Speaking of beauty, slim ladies are always beautiful because of the fruits and vegetables they eat most times, you see most slim ladies with fresh skin.

6. Slim ladies do not cheat because their husband will never complain about them,they know how to take care of their husband in all ways .

I believed you all have seen reasons why slim ladies are more preferred than Fat ladies.

If you have any objection on this,kindly make use of the comments section below.

Thanks for reading.

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