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Dating: Tips For Turning Up Suave For Your Dream Woman

When planning to go for a date with a woman, a few things are required in ensuring you look good. You need to give a good first impression to your woman because a neat looking man is attractive to an average woman. Most women tend to judge a man as mature, organized, good looking etc, first, by his dressing so it is very important you aim towards giving a good impression on your first date.

1. Wear clothes that fit

Choosing a cloth that fits has a way of boosting your confidence and giving you a poised look. You don’t want to appear before a woman looking like you borrowed your outfit either because it is tight and uncomfortable or because it is too wide and looking slouchy. It is therefore important that you plan your outfit ahead and try them on before the d-day. This will help you know if there are needs for adjustments or not.

2. Pay attention to the details

Women are known for giving attention to details and so nothing tends to pass them by. When you’re planning to go on a date with a woman, ensure you pay close attention to all the details involved in getting dressed. You want to Iron your clothes well, get a nice cut and be well shaved, clean or polish your shoes properly and keep your wallet close so nothing gets missed. If you have a short or not too tall height, wearing a vertical striped outfit can enhance your height, giving you a chance to win over the woman of your dream. 

3. Wear a nice fragrance

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A nice fragrance will make a woman comfortable around you, setting her in the right mode to get along with you well and quick enough. 

4. Consider your meeting point

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Where you're going to have your hang out or date can and should influence how you dress so think through that while selecting am outfit for your date. 

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