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This Is How My Wife Change My Life

To marry a good wife will not only make you live a happy life but, will give you everything.

Before I will begins my story, I want to use this opportunity to thank God for saving my life and given me the right woman.

This is a true life story; listen and learn. My wife is a serious woman, she always want to be the best. I use to drink alcohol and even smoke when i married her, but after our marriage, I experience what I have never experience before through my wife.

She keep telling me to stop drinking and smoking, I refuse to listen to her because I'm already addicted to drinking and smoking.

So one day, she tell me that I should choose between marriage and my bad behavior; that is drinking and smoking. I said what do you mean by that?? She now said: I'm no more comfortable with you, drinking and smoking. She further said: if I didn't stop, she will break up with me.

I didn't say anything that day, the following day I sit myself down in thinking; then I said I will never loss my wife to drinking and smoking. I meet her in the evening that same day, and I pleaded with her for forgiveness, that I choose her over drinking and smoking.

Since then; me who no never save money all because of drinking and smoking. I begin save money, I started struggling for my life and now I'm a change person. Glory be to God

My advice for all married men:

Listen to your wife, God gave her to you for a purpose.

And the youth who never marry, pray for a good wife that will build your home.

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