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15 Reasons to Marry an Older women. You May Change your Mind After Reading This.

Marriage is a social and legal contract between two individuals that unite their lives legally, economically and emotionally. It provide an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve you wife and children love, sexual faithfulness, humility patience, forgiveness, time, honesty, trust, communication and selflessness.

Marriage is mor than a physical union it is also a spiritual and emotional union. Everyone will like to marry, because, is the key of the world. You all know if not of marriage we won't be here.

Today am here with an article. Reasons to marry/live with older women.

1. They can actually cook more than the young ones base on experience.

2. They don't play games like the young ones e.g. They won't ask for money without having any problem.

3. They love having fun.

4. They don't always go out on the street without any appointment.

5. They always want to feed you.

6. They like to travel with you.

7. They don't do drama with their Pearl.

8. They have their own money.

9. You will learn a lot from their experience.

10. She knows what she want.

11. You can gain a different perspective.

12. They are more mature.

13. You can gain love tips and advise.

14. They don't sneak around cheating.

15. They have privacy.

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