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Primary responsibilities of Parents to their Children worthy of note

It is not enough to get married and start producing children. Fatherhood and motherhood come with a lot of responsibility. Parents have obligations to render to their children and wards in order to please God, enjoy the children in future and make them responsible members of the society.

Some of the responsibilities of the parents to their offspring include the following :

1. Provision of basic necessities:

It the primary duties of parents to provide basic necessities of life to their children such as food, shelter and clothing. Inability to do these exposed the children to risks of poor health, malnutrition and inadequate growth. They may pick bad habits such as stealing, waywardness and street scavenging.

2. Love and care:

Children should be loved and cared for. They should not be provoke with abuse, assault, neglect and degradation. Using of children for street hawking and begging should be avoided.

3. Training and education:

Parents should be able to train informally and also given adequate standard education to provide them with enabling skill, stability and focus in life. Thse would mould them to become total citizens in the society and be relevant to the parents in return.

4. Give them spiritual understanding:

Parents should be able to lead their children to God, and show them the way of light and truth. This will help the children to be morally upright, exihibit self control and be responsible to their maker.

5. Discipline:

The bane of most children in the society is indiscipline and lack of integrity. Parents must inculcate the spirit of discipline into their children.

6. Showing Good Examples:

'Do as I do' is the best way of communicating and training children. Parents should shun vices, immorality and negative behaviors both at home and outside, so that their children would not copy them. Parents should not fight in front of their children, nor tell lies or take what do not belong to them home. Parents should be talking decency and cleanliness.

7. Cultivate Fellowship Habits:

The family that prays together stays together. Fellowship deepened friendliness, cordiality and love and compassion. It helps to develop the faith of children and prepare them to face and fight common enemy in the spiritual place. Parents should lead the way.

8. Protection:

Protection and security are twin responsibilities to be offered to the children unconditionally by the parents. The world is becoming hostile and unsafe. Unprotected children are vulnerable to oddities of life and city hawkers.

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