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Make a Girl Jealous – Make Her Realize She Wants You Too.

Making a girl jealous – Does it Work?

You know when you have finally found the girl that you like and you do your best to impress her but you end up being friend zoned – this is one of the most hurtful things that a girl can do to someone who really thought that they had something going on.

Some experts say that if you know how to make a girl jealous who rejected you, you might really see how she feels about you and maybe, she would realize that she does indeed like you back.

For those who want to know if it works – yes it does! Fact is, a lot of women won’t be able to contain their emotions especially when it comes to jealousy. Changes in their facial expressions, their tone of voice are subtle indications when women are feeling jealous.

However, a little disclaimer about this plan is to not have high expectations, there are cases where, you’d see that she won’t get affected at all.

When to make a girl feel jealous?

If you are wondering when you should make a girl jealous, then find in the list below if your situation fits. If…

  1. You were friend zoned but you know she has feelings for you too.
  2. You want to know how to make a girl jealous and want you back
  3. You want to know if she still cares for you and you can still reconcile.
  4. You feel that your girlfriend no longer has time for you and your relationship
  5. Your girlfriend is too close to some other men and it makes you feel jealous but she shrugs off your comments like they’re nothing. Then making her realise your worth through jealousy might just work.

Ways to make the girl you like jealous

There can be many ways to make a girl jealous and you’d be surprised how subtle they are. You don’t need to actually indulge intimately with another woman. Simple acts can already make a girl jealous and you’ll soon see the results you want.

To know what are the best way to make a girl jealous? Read through.

1. Contact your ex

A little friendly chat with your ex is enough for a girl to get jealous. Make her jealous more by talking about what you’ve shared through the chat. Remember, if she is already your girlfriend, don’t go overboard but if she’s not, then enjoy seeing how she reacts while you talk about your ex.

2. Appreciate other women

 Men always appreciate other women, though they are not always vocal about it. Maybe this time, try to show it with actions and words. Appreciate other women’s beauty, sexiness, and even intelligence. This is a big switch to instigate jealousy.

3. Don’t answer her chats, texts, and calls

How to make a girl jealous through text? Simple, don’t be so excited in replying when she texts or calls you. Make her wait. If you stop the usual routine, she won’t help but suspect that you’re falling for someone else. She might regret that she rejected you! Point here is, make her feel that she wants you!

4. Be busy texting

If you are together, then be busy texting and don’t forget to smile while you’re at it! You’d actually sense the jealousy of a girl even if she’s a little bit far from you. After all, she’s not the center of your universe now, is she?

5. Be Happy and look inspired

The best way to make a girl jealous is to show her how you are happy and inspired even without her. For those who are in a relationship, she’ll see that if she continuously neglects you, then someone will be there for you.

How do you know if it works?

The most obvious sign here if they exhibit a change in their moods, changes in their facial expression, getting angry and most of the time, they’ll just leave. There can also be some other forms or signs that she is indeed jealous and this may include trying to flirt with other boys, ignoring you, checking your phone, and sometimes, they will admit that they don’t want you to do the things that makes her jealous.

For some, the results can be amazing. It makes a girl realize that she has feelings for a guy too or she would realize how much she loves her boyfriend that if she continues to neglect him, he might find someone else. Make a girl jealous and if you succeed, you might get her to realize her feelings towards you.

However, there will be chances here that she won’t get affected at all. This means that you have to accept the harsh truth that she really doesn’t have feelings for you or that she is no longer happy in your relationship.

Just like any other schemes, if you want to make a girl jealous, you must also be ready yourself. You must know the effects of the actions that you will take as well as the risks that this plan has for you and the person you love. Make sure that whatever technique you’ll choose won’t lead to mistakes that can ruin your relationship or your chances to be with the girl you like.

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