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OPINION: Ladies, Who Would You Pick Between The Man Who Loves You And The Man You Love, And Why?

Your View: Ladies - The Man Who Loves You Or The Man You Love, Who Would You Pick And Why Will You?

There are a lot things that takes critical and logical reasoning before you can be able to settle some life's situations. There are times that what you want is not what you get, and at times it happens that what you want is what you get. Though they happen at their own time. This life is meant to fair to whosoever knows how to live it, and might not be too fair to people who don't understand how to live it.

It can be challenging wishing to get into a serious relationship and not getting the one that most suit your taste but rather faced with Indecision. Like I said what you want is not what you get at times and vice versa, just imagine you love a guy and he doesn't love you back and there is another man that loves you and don't love him. What can you do in such situation?

Relationship is meant to be for people who love themselves so that they can be able to live in the atmosphere for so long a time, and at the same time you can't force the other party to love you.

One thing is this the man you love, might not be the right person for you, and vice versa.

The man who loves you might not also be the right person for you and vice versa.

What will you do? let's hear from you, let learn together.

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