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What Women Who Use Tissue Papers Or Wipes On Their Private Parts Should Know

In order to maintain proper hygiene and discourage the growth of Bacteria as well as some other microorganisms which often take place in warm and moist environment, it is advisable for women to always keep their private parts cleaned up after lovemaking with partner as well as when you're done peeing.

Source: Healthline

This is often done by a lot of ladies with water. They use some cups of water to wash off the private parts but then, some other would prefer using tissue papers or wipes to clean up this delicate part of the body.

Here is an important message for those who would prefer wipes or tissue papers over water.

When using wipes, it is necessary you take good notes of how to use it. When used wrongly, it could increase your chances of getting infected making you no better than someone who didn't clean up in the first place.

When wipes or tissue papers must be used to clean up the genital organ, you should only wipe from front to back and never the other wayround. Wiping from back to front shall get you prone to Infections as you could likely be transferring some bacteria in your anal canal to your genitalia.

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