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The 64yrs Old Nigerian Lady Who Finally Got Married After People Said She Can Never Find A Husband

God's time is truly the best. Many people have given up on what they wanted because it didn't come earlier than they expected it to come. But God is not a man, and he does his things when it pleases him. Patient is a virtue, and we all have to be patient to get whatever we wanna have in this life. Enumena Amata is a 64 years old lady who got married to the love of her life after being single for many years.

According to her, she said she is very happy to finally get married to the love of her life after many people said she can't find a husband again. She said many people have mocked her, and told her she can never see a man who will marry her. They told her that, even if she sees anyone, the man will either be shorter than her, or she will be older than the person.

But God showed that he's God, and proved those people who said those things wrong. She was very happy to share her marital bliss with everyone. If it was possible for her, she would have shared her story worldwide. If you see how happy she was, you will know that she's been seeking this for a very long time. One of the sweetest things in her marriage is that her husband is older and also taller than her unlike what people said.

According to her, she said she was very slim when she was young. She suspected that what made her not find a husband to marry till her age was because of how she was behaving during her youthful age. She was the type of girl who doesn't associate with people, she keeps herself away from guys. She's always being righteous, this means she was a church girl who doesn't like having anything to do with guys to avoid fornicating.

But that one was in the past, and she's very happy for her present blessing. Many of her friends were already married with grown-up children, but she was yet to see a husband to get married to. Even the little girl who was living with her got married and left her behind. She had already given up on marriage, but it was not late yet, God had someone special for her.

According to her, she knew her husband via social media through one of her friends. Then they started chatting, from chatting to calling, then to visiting each other's house. When she visited her husband's house for the first time, she got attracted to his house and the environment, she liked the place, then she started saying yes already from that moment. Right now, she's happily married to her love after waiting for many years. It is never too late, just keep on hoping on God, all is gonna be well, Amen. Please like, share, and follow me up.

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