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Guys, Three Fun And Cute Things You Can Do When Your Girl Visits You For The First Time.

These days, It is not just telling a woman how much you love her all the time that wins her over, but those other little cute things that you do are what does the trick.

Some men don't just know how to be romantic at all, they think that is it only by expressing their feelings and buying her things that is romantic.

Their are so many other things you can do for you woman that can spice up the attraction she has for you and they are not even as complicated as you think they are.

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So in this article, i would be listen some simple but cute things you can do for your woman, when she visits you for the first time.

1. Cook A Special Food For Her.

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Women love guys that can cook as it is one trait they find really attractive in a man, so if you as a man can cook, then you already have one box ticked in her attraction requirement book.

So since you can cook and she is coming to visit you for the first time, try to delight and surprise her by preparing a mouth watering food. Women really appreciate it when a man they are interested in does this.

2. Get Creative With Your Hands.

Get creative with your hands and give your woman a mind blowing massage, because women see this as very romantic. Also giving her a good massage might turn her on and make her want to do more things asides massage with you.

Giving her a good massage will help relieve her of some stress she may be feeling and help her relax more with you.

3. Play Some Games With Her.

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When she visits you, you can make the atmosphere more fun and entertaining by playing some games with her. You can play games like hide and seek, or you can play truth or dare with her, just do anything that would spice up the mode.

When you play games with your woman, it brings out the fun side of her, it causes her to enjoy your company more and also she would love to spend more time with you. 

Playing Games With her makes you a fun guy and increases your chances of her wanting to become your girlfriend. So stop being a boring guy and bring out the fun and exciting part of you.

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