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2 Important Things Men Should Look For In A Woman

Almost every man has things he looks for in a woman. Before a man could woo a woman or marry a woman, the man might have accessed the woman to know whether the woman has the qualities he likes or not.

Some men look at the physical appearance of a woman before wooing her while some men are concerned about the behaviors and attitudes of a woman. Some men are interested in women who have nice body shape, attractive face and light skin color.

However, there are 2 important things that almost every man should look for in a woman before marrying or wooing her. Looking for other qualities in a woman is not a bad idea but these 2 things are important. Men should look for these 2 important things in a woman.

1. Does the woman have some things in common with you?

Some men do not know the importance of courting a woman who shares some things in common with them. Looking for other qualities in a woman is good but it is important to know whether a woman has some qualities with one or not.

Living together with a woman with whom one shares some qualities with would be more interesting and meaningful than living with a woman with whom one does not share any quality with. For instance, if a man is a doctor and he marries a woman whose profession is related to health, their co-existence would be good because they share some qualities and they will understand each other easily.

Besides, if an extrovert marries an introvert, they may not understand each other but if an introvert marries an introvert, they will understand each other easily because they have similar qualities.

2. Men should consider whether a woman can satisfy their needs or wants.

Some men who are interested in the facial appearance of a woman and her body shape have forgotten that the woman might not be able to satisfy their needs. For instance, a Yoruba man who does not like eating outside marries a Hausa woman who does not know how to prepare some Yoruba foods.

The Hausa woman can learn how to cook Yoruba foods but what if she does not have an interest in cooking talkless of learning how to cook Yoruba foods. A man needs to marry a woman who can satisfy his wants or needs.

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