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The Information Every Parent Having Twins Must know

Twins are two offspring given birth from a woman with a little time interval. There are two kind of Twins.

Twins can be either monozygotic that is identical, which means that both are developed from one zygote, the zygote splits and forms two embryos, the other kind is dizygotic that is non-identical, which means that each twin develops from a separate egg and each egg is fertilized by its own sperm cell.

This article is written to parents with twins or expecting twins.

After much study about the life of twins and there development I discovered that the way God created them allow them to be different from brother and sister in the same family. 

I was opportune to speak with two parents who had a well grow twins just to discover what is so different in the life of a twins that other single children did not posses.

When speaking with the first parent they mentioned their observations and I will be sharing them with you. Firstly, they mentioned that when the twin were young they always share things in common. Once one is sick the other will surely be sick even when they are not in the same environment. They made mention of their education life also, one of the twin is bright and the other is not that bright. So they focus more on the bright one, but as the years passed they bright one was not performing greatly again, not until they begin to treat both children equally then things begins to change for the twins.

The second parent also testify to this by sharing their our experience with their own twins daughter.

They said one had a finance and the other as not gotten her own. So she feel jealous. So when the other start talking with her finance the other is not happy to the extent that she thought the other is making fun of her not having her own finance. Shortly the relationship ended without any reason. There are many more experience they share which related to the love of each other.

My advice to you parents of twins or you are expecting one is for you to always allow them to love each other, let them share things in common. Let them be the best of friends. Pray for them together and advice them together. 

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