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If your man is cheating on you, Do these 6 things to him and he will stop

It is so sad that many relationships have been faced with Infidelity. This is more common among men because many people do believe in the notion that men are free to cheat on their wife or spouse, this is really a bad perspective. Does it mean men are authorized to cheat on their spouses? no, it shouldn't be that way. It's so disheartening that we leave in a society where most women are been overlooked, maltreated all because of the belief that their husband is their head, yes this is true but will the head maltreat his body? Most people will not react to a man cheating, because they believe it is a norm, but when they find out a woman is cheating, then the problem comes. They see them as prostitutes and whore, but what about the men that cheat on their spouse too, they are in no way better.

Also as a woman, you shouldn't judge your husband based on his weakness, many men can't get their eyes off a woman's skirt. You just have to keep praying and helping him to stop cheating, don't because of that leave the relationship, do you know who you might end up with, everyone has their weakness.

The truth is as a lady you have to work hard to keep your man, many ladies are out there waiting to snatch him away from you. Your attitude, character, and perseverance will determine whether your husband will leave you or stay. Don't get me wrong you don't have to go extra miles to make sure your husband stays in a relationship where there is violence. But I'm a case where you know your husband still loves but he is only cheating, there are things you can do to stop him, which I will be dishing out to you, so sit back and enjoy 😊

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so back to the business, here are the 6 things you must do if your man is cheating on you;

1. Don't Judge him :

Don't judge your man because he is cheating on you. You can't quench a fire by pouring diesel on it, you need to understand that been judgemental will cause a lot of destruction. The truth is that people grow worse when you judge them, they feel like you are condemning them, and even the Bible is against it, if you can remember when that harlot was brought to Jesus Christ in the Bible, they all expected Jesus to command them to cast her stone till death, but Jesus told them, "let him without no sin be the first to cast the stone" No one could cast the stone, because no one is a saint. The truth is we all have our dirty secrets, so you need to be calm with your man.

The more you shout at him and judge him, makes him feel like you are not giving him the freedom he wants and this might make him want to explore the freedom more. Because they want freedom, they will give themselves the assurance that they are not under anyone and therefore cheat more.

Let your calmness do the judging. I must tell you that everyone has a conscience when he is doing bad things and you are still calm with him, his conscience won't allow him to rest until he comes to the realization that he is doing something you don't like. Don't talk to him in a harsh manner, sit him down and talk to him calmly, ask him the reason why he is cheating on you, ask him if there is anything he wants you to improve on, maybe your dressing is too old fashioned, the way you walk e.t.c. engage him in a meaningful conversation instead of shouting at him. Doing this will make you look mature and reasonable to him.

2. Try to understand what triggered him to cheat: This simply means you should try to understand the reason why he is cheating as I mentioned above. Is it the way you dress? Is it because of money? Is it because you no longer satisfy him on the bed? Try to create a conducive atmosphere to have this kind of conversation, you can start by cooking his favorite meal, then after eating you can start asking him the reasons. The truth is if he can open up to you about the reasons why he is cheating, then I believe he is ready to change and you can work on those reasons.

3. Don't attack the ladies he is cheating with:

Most women are always doing this, throwing up a fight in public with the lady their man is cheating with, this is immature and it makes you look unreasonable. The person cheating is your husband, so why do you have to meet the lady and attack her. Most women think that when they attack the side chick their husband will stop cheating, this is far from the truth, this will even trigger him to cheat more because he will feel like you are penetrating into his world. You should try to sit down your man and tell him you know what is going on, even if you have proofs like a picture of the lady and your man you can show it to him, this will show that you are more mature.

4. Don't retaliate by cheating on your man:

This is the most destructive thing, and no woman should do this because your husband cheats on you. If you cheat on another man it shows you didn't do it because of your husband, you already have the intention of cheating. And the truth is no man will stay with a woman cheating on him, it is hard for men to get that memory off their head. So do not cheat on your husband, if he finds out, he might end the relationship.

5. Always serve his favorite meal:

It is true that the way to a man's heart is his stomach. It cannot be disputed, every guy loves good food. This is a way you can bring back the affection he has for you before when you book his favorite meal, he will always desire more and this will make him more attracted to you. I know this can be a little bit hard but this is something you should try and I'm sure it will work, it is just a way of saying even if you wronged me, I still love you.

If he is a Yoruba man there are some delicious delicacy you can make for him like Egusi, Efo riro these are great delicacy that at your a man will love.

6. Be yourself:

Don't allow his action to change your behavior and character. Don't become wayward or rude because your husband is cheating on you. You still need to be humble and obey him. I'm sure things will work out for good.

So these are my 6 principles to stop your man from cheating on you.

Please say no to Domestic Violence, if he is becoming violent, it is better to walk away than losing your life. I believe you learn some few things.

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