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Story and Pictures: See a Lovely Dwarf Couple Flaunting Her Pregnancy and Family Pictures

In Countries around the world dwarf, people are criticized, rejected, and isolated from others because of their nature. In Nigeria also many people avoid this kind of people, some don't do business or have something in common with them, with the belief that they are possessed, have bad luck, and the likes of them.

After reading the story of this young dwarf couple I was forced and moved to change my view about people who are short in nature or which is known as dwarfism.

Please take your time to read what this intellectual dwarf couple has to tell the world about dwarfism(there kind)and their stunning pictures.

Charli organ(wife) and Cullen(husband) are dwarf couples that got married on May 2013 the wife Charli decided to set up an Instagram account to document her families live adventures, to show, and prove that there kind are part of the world and should be loved cherished and appreciated.

But it wasn’t until recently that she gave birth to a lovely baby girl in 2015 that thousands of people across the globe started following her social media page.

Regardless of the rejections and bullies, she got online, the family continues to post lovely pictures of themselves enjoying themselves, their beautiful daughter, and her pregnancy. Charli is currently pregnant with her second child and will have a planned cesarean on Thursday (January 25).

When they were interviewed by a Business Development Manager the made a touching speech that changed my view about there kind. They said:

“We might all have dwarfism but our lives are full of fun and happiness.

I like to post photos of us enjoying ourselves as much as possible and before falling pregnant, I was also into my fitness. There’s no limit to what we can do together and we love nothing more than enjoying lunch and days out in the sunshine.

I will also post photos that show the sometimes comical side of things when it comes to our height, such an oversized clothes, or general day to day activities that are made a bit more tricky by lack of height. I don’t take my height too seriously but am always respectful of the short statued community when doing so.

Everyone loves seeing family photos of us and we always receive such lovely comments from most people. We do get some negative people but when you put yourself out there you do half expect it. We have learned to endure insults, and humiliations by ignoring those who have a negative view of us

She added: Cullen and I both have different types of dwarfism which means our children could have inherited both forms which generally results in a fatal outcome. We had genetic testing done in early pregnancy so we could find this out.

We also had a one in four chance of having an average height baby or it having mine or Cullen’s type of dwarfism.

“Our next baby, which we don’t yet know the sex of, will have Cullen’s type, which can carry more respiratory problems whereas mine is more skeletal.

Cullen owns his own business, I work for a major Telco as a Business Development Manager and we’re about to celebrate the birth of our second baby, life couldn’t be better.

I have just started my maternity leave and our baby will be born via cesarean on Thursday, Jan 25.

She concludes by saying "Our aim with our Instagram page is to reach out to other people and show them that having dwarfism doesn’t need to hold you back.”

Both Charli and Cullen have refused to allow their dwarfism to hold them back and have praised their strong-willed parents for their success.

Let's learn to appreciate them, if the life around our neighborhood treat them as you treat others, show them love, and treat them as humans because they are and deserve to be treated equally. 

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Charli Cullen( Lovely Dwarf Nigeria Story


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