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A Nigerian Man Blasts A Man Who Married A 12Year Old Girl, Accompanied By His Friend In Delta State.

It's very disheartening to see how our society has turned out today, so many things going wrong at the same time. This year 2020, has really brought in full force its ugliest sides. Some men and women have really lost their minds in the society we live in. How do you see evil and tend to look the other way? I feel very pained in my heart, writing this very article and sincerely wonder why people engaged in this very act, so shameful and demeaning. Many rights of children, are being trampled on every day by some unfortunate adults, it's very disgusting and really an horrendous act seeing or hearing certain news and happenings in the society, where children are raped by some unfortunate adults.

A man accosted some shameless men, two of them in number, who went to Delta State to marry from a family a 12year old girl, a girl old enough to be their daughter or even granddaughter.

The picture above, is that of the shameless he-goat that claimed the girl's father handed her over to him, as a wife in Delta State, they travelled from Edo State, accompanied by his criminal friend

This is the accompanist above. It is just sad for me, when I come across stories such as this, I begin to wonder exactly where man's sanity is. There many people on the streets, who appear normal but are truly not because I don't understand how on earth, full grown men will be going to seek the hands of a 12year old in marriage.

It's shameful and something not worth talking about in the first place. How do these kinds of people live knowing they're paedophiles? Where exactly is the stupid and wicked father of this 12year old girl?

What is your thoughts on this?

Watch the video here

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