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Some Universal Idea That Can Help You Create Connection And Joy In Relationships

What are you in your relationship right now? Are you happy or Unhappy? Are you looking for someone? Have you been with someone for long time?

Wherever you are, here are some universal ideas that can help you create greater love, connection and joy in your relationships.

1. Practice Positive Projection:

Assume the best about your partner and project positive traits and ideas onto them. If you've be tempted to think, "No, you don't understand My partners. But instead of going into old patterns, beliefs, hurts, and pains from the past – assume the other person is there with you, for you, and in love with you. Do this, and instead of tearing your relationship apart, you will be bringing it closer.

2. Learn To Listen Longer:

The essence of being a better listener is to listen longer, and this is what deepens relationship. Don't try to fix them. Don't try to stop them. Don't interrupt them. Allow the other person to express themselves. Be patient and listen longer.

3. Escape Together:

Get away with your partner and go somewhere for 2 or 3 day every 90 days. You can go anywhere, but every 90 days schedule it an disappear together. Everybody can do this with the person they love. We get to choose what we do with our time, so reclaim your life agenda and escape together. If your relationship is important to you prioritize it!

4. Stay In Your Job In The Relationship:

What is your job in the relationship? TO LOVE! It's so easy to forget this. Choose love over your past pains, hurts, and fears. When you bring joy, acceptance, vibrancy, sensuality and compassion to your relationship, it gets easier and more positive.

Turn your intention to be more geared towards love in your relationship. Surprise them. Care for them. Add love. Add vibrancy. Add Sensuality. Deliver more love to your partner and the world, and you might start to experience the changed life!

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