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What A Life: My Girlfriend Gave Me This Conditions To Marry Her (Fiction)

At a point in this life everyone will finally settle down to start a beautiful family of his or her own because family brings happiness and joy in this world, you only make this decision when you have finally found the right person to be your life partner. Loneliness is not good and can be very depressing especially when you have Been searching for a while, as a matter of fact, love is not hard to find but true love is what keeps most people single.

I met Elizabeth at an annual festival that usually took place in my hometown on every December 2 of every year, our meeting wasn't that friendly because she actually poured a drink on my body which made us exchange words at each other. It was when people intervene that I noticed have just picked a fight with an Angel, she is the most beautiful person have ever seen in my entire life but unlucky of me while I was busy looking at her with a smile, she was also busy squeezing her face on me.

After the whole drama finally comes to the end, I finally looked for her to apologize for the way I acted towards her, she actually accepted, I asked for her number and our love story began. Two years later of dating each other, I finally decided to move forward with her so I proposed to her, to my utmost surprised Elizabeth did not give me an answer which made me doubt whether she truly loves me or not.

I was so worried and confused why she wouldn't give me an answer after claiming she loves me and wants to be with me for the rest of her lives, so I questioned her about it, but she told me I wasn't ready to become her husband. I was very shocked to hear this because I was the one who proposed while she was the one who declined, so who is not ready between us, I answered her with a gentle voice.

She finally told me that in their family the first female to get married will have to live together with her parents until both of them becomes old then they can move away if they want to. Elizabeth is currently the only matured one in their family as her siblings are just too young to start thinking of getting married, how can I live with my wife's parents for that long. I don't know if I can handle this situation on ground, I have put my proposal on hold until I get advice on what to do.

Please if you were in my situation what will you do, what will you advise me to do

Please kindly leave your comments in the comments section below, thank you

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