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30 World Facts That People Think Is A Lie But is True

Here are some of the most amazing facts you probably don't know about, a man once bought about 99 iphones and arrange them in a heart shape to propose to his girlfriend and the girl still say no to him

The suicide plant is the world most poisonous plant in the world universe, touching it is so painful that most people prefer to comics suicide than to bear the pain

Andre the giant drank about 153 beers in one sitting, making the world record for beer consumption about 75 litres

Randy gardner set the record for the longest sleeping record as he slept for 11 days and 25 minutes

When a person dies, they have a brain activity of 7 minutes left in which they are able to see their memories in a dream like sequence

A ram's horn grow and curve till it enters the brain of the ram again and killed him

Psychologically pain makes you stronger, fear causes you to become braver, and heartbeat makes you wiser

Some people give up in life very early, but look at this tree it fell down but never gave up and continued to grow fresher than before

A cat named venus has two different face with different eyes due to a condition call "chimerism"

The youngest child ever sentenced to electric chair was george stinney, he was only 14 years old

Iceland is the only country without mosquitoes, snakes and other reptiles. They also have a very few specie of spiders which are harmless

Do you believe this? That this is how the numbers from one to 9 came about?

In 2014, a man in Arizona stole a diamond worth $160000 and traded it for a bag of marijuana worth $20

Same calendar some years ago is the same we are having now in 2021

Romeo and Juliet was not a love story. It was a 3 days relationship between 13 years old and a 17 years old that caused 6 deaths

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