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How To Spot The Differences Between Love, Lust, And Infatuation

Would you like to have an understanding of what lust, infatuation, and love are?

You might be confused about the differences between these three words. Many people also don't know the difference.

This can constitute problems for relationships, particularly in their early stages.

One of the important reasons to learn to distinguish between these three emotions is because they have a direct effect on how we interact, and will affect our relationships.

When you have a deeper knowledge of the feelings you're currently having, you won't confuse infatuation with love or think you are in love when it's lust.

So, here's how to tell the difference between lust, infatuation, and love.


It can run you down emotionally because you are the only one in love with the person while they don't feel anything for you.

It's a strong emotion that makes you euphoric and fantasizes about something that's not real.

Someone that is infatuated can also be deluded.

You adore your crush to an extent that you don't notice any flaws in them. You always display your positive attitude to please them.

Infatuation can make someone envious and obsessed.

We cannot say that the crush you have for someone can't turn into love. It is possible, but it will require time and work from both of you.


Physical desire is the foundation of lust. It is just a physical attraction, pleasure, and sense of satisfaction.

You seek instant satisfaction when you're in lust. You don't want to form a strong emotional bond with that person.

You only wish to have physical contact with the person. Lust is a feeling that intoxicates the mind of someone to seek pleasure. It can truly mess up someone's mind.

Lust is a fleeting emotion. Good relationships are never based solely on lust, particularly if you want to have a deep commitment.


Love is different from lust or infatuation. It takes some time to develop through sacrifice and patience.

Love lasts forever while lust and infatuation don't. Love isn't a self-centered emotion.

You desire the best for your partner, and you're inspired to also improve yourself.

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