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Attribute of a good father.

It is a great privilege for you to be a father because not all men have the privilege to become a father during their lifetime.we have many fathers today but only few are good father.Many father does not have what it takes to be a good father.A lot of fathers does not have full understanding of the roles of a father.your roles to your children will prove whether you are a good father or not.Many father fail in their duty to their children and many of them lay bad foundation for their children in the future.

What is attributes of a good father.

Attributes of a good father are the character that can be seen in the life of a person called father that discharges all his responsibility to his children,stand and support their children to reach the peak of their destiny.

Attributes of a good father are:

★Maturity qualities.

★A loving person.

★Not self centered.

★Good interpersonal relationship with his children.

★He provide for the need of his children.

★Be available for the children.

★Be a good example in moral and behavior.

★Give them fatherly advice and guidelines.

★Stand and support his children when they are climbing the ladder of greatness in life.

★discipline and correct them.

★Be a prayer warrior to break curses and evil covenant.

★Be a back bone to his children.

Hindrances to not being a good father are:


★Uncare attitude toward his children.

★Lack of time for his children.

★Curses and evil covenant.

★Lack of foresight for the future.

★Irresponsible characters.

Fathers must rise up to their task as a father to their children so they can have peace of mind at their old age.

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